Exploration of the Great Gatsby – Characters

Describe how 3 characters changed throughout the novel:

Nick- At the start of the novel, Nick describes himself as a non-judgemental character. He seems like almost the innocent character, the outsider. Throughout the novel, he becomes very involved in the exclusive world that is East Egg, getting involved in the wealth that both the Buchanan’s and Gatsby are both apart of. However, with such an involvement in this world, he still feels like an outsider. He says, “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” This enhances that he felt apart of this world but still an outsider, hated this world and loved it at the same time. At the end, he is utterly disgusted with the world. How the rich hide behind their money, and how no one turned up to Gatsby’s funeral. Also throughout the book, he begins to judge each character more and more. Which contradicts his statement “I’m inclined to reserve all judgments”.

Daisy- When we are first introduced to Daisy, it is made clear that she is absolutely made of money. She appears to live this perfect life in East Egg. She also appears to be a kind hearted, innocent person, she would’ve been described as “the golden girl”. However throughout the novel, we see she as many more flaws than we would’ve originally thought. For example, she has no relationship with her daughter etc. We begin to see her become sad as she is having to pick between Gatsby and Tom. At the end of the novel we see her true colours, when Gatsby dies. Daisy runs away with Tom, and ultimately hides behind her wealth.  

Gatsby- When we first meet Gatsby, he is on the end of his dock reaching out to the green light, or as we know it his hope. Before we officially meet Gatsby we hear many things about him such as: him being an Oxford man, how he killed a man, how he was German spy during the war and more. These rumours begin to shape our opinion on Gatsby. Throughout the novel it seems like he is just a man in love with a girl. However, as the book develops it becomes clear that he has this whole life planned around Daisy. Almost an obsession. His character almost becomes scary and controlling. Also it is obvious that he is involved in illegal trades and has a dark side to him. Ultimately, he meets his sour end. Throughout the whole book all he wanted was daisy, and when the phone rang before he died he believed it was Daisy.


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